Leser is a specialist in gift packaging, cardboard boxes, floating frames and cases. Step into the world of Leser packaging!


We develop packaging to perfection according to your wishes because you determine the size, color, designs, features and shape. Stand out from the crowd with custom-made packaging and present your products with aesthetic sophistication. We offer efficiency, quality and flexibility.


The range includes packaging for superior gifts, jewellery, watches, wedding rings or writing instruments. Our customized cardboard packaging is especially suitable for fashion and accessories, cosmetics, spirits, subscription boxes and porcelain. And it doesn't stop there - we also produce product packaging for dental and medical technology made from bioplastics.Whatever product you want to package, you can find secure and stylish solutions with us. We create the perfect presentation packagingso suit all your needs. Make our packaging your own and perfect ist according to your specifications. Want to impress your customers with 100 % professional presentation ? Then you are in good hands with us and our in-house graphics team.


Our products include packaging and decoration for trade, industry, advertising and branding agencies. The product range of innovative packaging extends from the floating frame, carboard boxes and plastic packaging to metal cases and coin capsules of all sizes - not forgetting cases made from every imaginable material with superior lining or covering.

Boxes and cases made from cardboard covered with coulored paper or made of plastic are ideal as gift packaging jewellery packaging and product packaging. With matching inserts made of cut out card or foam cut to size, some of the boxes can can also be used as media packaging for CDs and DVDs, such as prodct 0230 39 from the PLAIN packaging series. A beautifu box for wholesale but also retail and specialty stores can be made from different materials. The packaging material can be cardboard or plastic, or even wood and metal. Superior cases are also covered or lined with fine materials and fabrics and are particularly suitable for high-quality and superior products and gifts. 

The cardboard boxes and cases can now also be manufactured in large numbers in a sophisticated design and of course, made to measure according to customers requirements. Even packaging for mass-market products and the shelves can therefor be transformed into genuine personalised gift packaging, drawing in your customers. It is not just the modern appearance of the packaging that is important, but also the choise of environmentally-friendly raw materials. Packaging made from bioplastics such as the EARTH series represent our contribution to sustainability. The Leser firm has followed on from the production of cardboard packaging - MADE IN GERMANY - with, for example, our cardboard boxes in the 0135 PICOT series, Christmas packaging in the CHRISTMAS STARS series, and most recently, cardboard packaging in the LEZARD series in the latest animal print design. They all come froam our cardboard production plant.

Fine jewellery packaging and original gift packaging was always made for an impressive presentation of watches, jewellery, writing instruments, promotional sets or coins in speciality shops. Just like the presentation of a window display, the packaging itself meets the highest aesthetic standards. Decosystems and showcase displays create the perfect setting for a succesfull sales pitch. Our range includes for example 

  • watch stands,
  • watch cases,
  • busts,
  • or jewellery stand.

Of course Leser can also offer packaging for gift certificates, bags, and cushion packaging for promotional giveaways and other freebies. In the online shop you can also find seasonal packaging such as cardboard boxes for Christmas and constantly updated special offers as well as a variety of clearence items in the treasure trove. 

We also produce any box accessories or a presentation case to meet your needs. Our production capabilities are not only tailored to to suit you but are also efficient.  Each year we offer you another innovative and wide range of packaging and decoration goods.At the same time, we are your competent partner when it comes to custom packaging solutions for your products. The expertise of our staff and efficiency of our production system mean you are sure to always find the right packaging solution. No matter what your needs are and what you have in mind, aesthetic jewellery packaging, promotional watch packaging, gift packaging, brand-shaping advertising, or cases for Euro coins - we offer a variety of packaging from a trusted source. If you are looking for suitable packaging material such as carrier bags, pouches and pillow packaging for small products, beads, or cosmetic products, our wide range offers all this with superior quality. 


Of course we also help you showcase your goods using decosystems for a modern window dressing. Our product range includes, for example, busts, deco stand, displays, watches cassettes, jewellery boxes and other types of decorations. Our services go beyond excellent worldwide delivery conditions for cases and boxes. From the very beginning your personal contact handles your specific wishes regarding production, delivery and storage. You can also fall back on the know-how and the advantageous positions of our three locations in Germany, China and the USA, which allow for shorter delivery times and cost effectiveness due to being on site, profiting you further.

Furthermore, Leser is the first company worldwide in its field to be certified in accordance with both DIN ISO 9001 (quality) and DIN ISO 14001 (environmental protection). We offer intelligent product development and production as well as customer-oriented logistics, making your life easier. Our new ideas allow us to create high quality products in an environmentally friendly fashion whilst using economical and ecological production techniques. After all we offer shorter delivery times without taking shortcuts. Our fresh ideas and sophisticated concepts mean we can create high-quality products with sustainability in mindand also rely on ecological and economic production methods. We’re happy to be contacted with any questions or suggestions you may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us ! Benefit from our knowledge and experience and create selling points for your customers ! Appealing and superior packaging effectively supports the sale of your products.